What We Do

Take a time to get to know the social work programs that Juventud por Cristo USA performs in a permanent way. Each one of them is different and covers a specific need in the society.

Wheels of Hope

Wheels of Hope Is a social program that covers the most basic needs of people with disabilities in Mexico who are financially limited by bringing them hope and a better quality of life.


IluminaIs a program where our organization performs a social work with the purpose of decrease the families social exclusion by focusing on places and communities where the population is in poor conditions.


Pro-Vision This program intends to improve the quality of life of the people with visual problems through the correct testing and diagnosis of their ailments and provide them with prescription glasses or professional treatment according to the severity of their problem at no cost.

Dental Service

Dental Service We give quality free dental services to those people who are financially limited with the purpose of improving their health and preventing a major complication of the same. The dental hygiene is very important in a person’s life, because if this part of the body is affected so it can be the rest of the body and the quality life as well.