PortadaTestimoniesAlberto, 39 years

When he was 6 months old, he was diagnosed with poliomyelitis.

Because of his disability, it was hard for him to attend school so he had to abandon it when he was on second grade.

At his 15 years of age, Alberto started working as a mechanic helper so he could maintain himself and supply his needs. Thanks to his willing heart to go forward, today he has two jobs.

Because of his condition, Alberto had to use different wheelchairs in his life, but he has never had one that is appropriate to his needs.

For many years, Alberto had to travel in his wheelchair the long road to his work, which is not only extremely exhausting but also very dangerous.

Today, Alberto has a special wheelchair that is adjustable to his physical needs and to his daily life, that enables him to do his routine because he now needs less physical effort to go and do his work. Also, his new wheelchair will enable him to exercise and continue participating in race competitions, which is one of his biggest passions.

Testimony Alberto Limas from Juventud por Cristo on Vimeo.