PortadaTestimoniesÁngel, 10 years

Son of a single mother, middle son of three.

Suffers from Cerebral Palsy because of a strong fever he had when he only was 2 years old, which became in meningitis.

Ángel has never been to school, because he didn't have a way to get there. Because of her mom has to work to maintain her three children, Ángel has always been under her grandmother care.

The wheelchair that Ángel had, besides of being old and worn out, it wasn’t adequate for his needs. His arms had even started to deform because of the bad position he was in all day, his chair didn’t have appropriate armrests for his size.

Today, Ángel finally has an adequate wheelchair which will enable him to move in a safe way, with more independence and therefore, it will be possible for him to attend school and receive therapies. We realized that it will not only improve his health and education, but also the experiences he will have during his childhood as any other child his age. When we asked him what would be the first thing he will do with his new wheelchair, he instantly answered: “play races with other kids”.

Ángel’s life has radically changed, thanks to his new wheelchair.

Testimony Ángel Yañez from Juventud por Cristo on Vimeo.