At age of 14, he was already part of the youth group Juventud por Cristo and he got involved in the first activities of social work right away. These activities included visiting and feeding the children that worked in the street as well as talking to them in order to encourage them to get out of that condition. While Juventud por Cristo was getting legally recognized, Alex was part of the volunteers group who used to visit the Juvenile Detention Center (located in Guemez, Tamaulipas) and he was involved in the activities that the group performed as part of the rehabilitation treatment for the youth confined there. Later on, he was trained in leadership and after having a little more experience he started as a mentor of a small youth group that did social work in the Juvenile Detention Center and in marginalized areas from Ciudad Victoria.

When he finished his degree at college, Alex started to collaborate with the staff of Juventud por Cristo where he started as the Project Coordinator and he became an impeller of projects such as Virtual Counseling and started the development of the program Wheels of Hope which was the base for the Health Clinics.

The projects that have been developed under his coordination have contributed to improve the training and infrastructure of the organization, at the same time they have strengthened the links between the association and the local, state and federal government as well as those with the private corporations and companies that have worked together with Juventud por Cristo and have helped to reach even further.

Alex is currently directing the organization and contributing to the development of the social programs as well as performing in projects that help the growth of the infrastructure and  the fund raise.