Juventud por Cristo USA is an organization whose work has been acknowledged and valued for institutions from the local, state and federal government. Because of the collaboration between the organization and the public institutions, we have reached even further and our projects have a big importance.

Our organization has been recognized with the Award of the Youth of the State and was recognized during the event where the National Awards for Volunteering and Solidary Action where given, that event was held in the Presidential Residence “Los Pinos”
We have already signed in several agreements with some cities from different states from Mexico in order to work together with the social aid programs.

We have worked together with DIF Tamaulipas in projects that have delivered great benefits for the people who are financially limited in our community.

We have developed projects together with the National Institute of Social Development in order to benefit more people from different states from the north east of Mexico.

Our organization is convinced that the fact of working together with public and private organizations enhances the impact of our actions.