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Juventud por Cristo USA

About us

Juventud por Cristo AC is a non-profit organization which performs actions of social work through programs designed to fulfill the basic needs of families financially limited in Mexico.

Our Vision

"Loving and serving the families in Mexico."

Our Mission

"To generate a better life quality in our society by implementing integral programs focused in health, education and poverty decreasing of the families that have a lack of opportunity."


With a deeply altruist calling, Juventud por Cristo AC was born in 1995 when a youth group couldn’t stand anymore the abandonment situation that many families where suffering, which was pushing them to work in the streets of the city in order to earn some money to be able to survive. For that reason these young people used their own resources and started to provide them food, shoes and clothes. Later, they formed little organized groups and started to visit and work in orphanages, juvenile detention centers and hospitals among other places.

On November 27th of 2000, Juventud por Cristo AC was legally registered.

The work that this organization was performing was so noticeable that the State System for the Family Integral Development (DIF) acknowledged and invited them to work as a service center in 2001.

On November 2003, Juventud por Cristo AC received the legal authorization from the Ministry of Finance (very similar to the IRS in the US) to receive tax deductible donations in Mexico.


  • Honesty: It is a principle that rules the behavior of each of the members of this organization.
  • Transparency: Being clear with the actions we perform generates a trust environment among all the people involved in our organization.
  • Leadership: A very important value that makes us work with order and efficiency.
  • Team work: A very basic value necessary to achieve our goals and that makes everyone involved in this organization realize how important they are.
  • Love: Love towards other people is the main motivation of our actions.
  • Service: A service calling is what makes the difference in the quality of our direct work with the beneficiaries.
  • Compassion: It is a value that motivates us to work in order to fulfill the needs of families in poor conditions.

Our Programs

  • Wheels of Hope: Health benefits for people financially limited and with disabilities.
  • Ilumina: Actions that help the development of families in rural communities and urban marginalized communities.
  • Pro-Vision: Through the right testing and diagnosis, we provide prescription glasses with no cost and specialized attention if necessary.
  • Dental Clinics: High quality dental services with no cost for people financially limited to improve their health and prevent major complications